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  • Anonymous asked : Sometimes I see you on campus and I check you out but not sure if you do the same to me. I'm not a freshman so I don't run into you often but when I do, it's so worth it.

    I’m preeeetty oblivious when I walk. So I’m usually either thinking about my next meal or some other complex philosophical concept….

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  • Anonymous asked : Ayye your blog is fab and you're fab. Don't worry be yoncé -ily xx

    D’awe thanks for the love :-*

  • Anonymous asked : Hey. Great blog. Your hot btw

    Why don’t you ever love me just for my blog D’X

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  • gypsy-guy asked : Hope you got a good first day of college and hopefully it's not as hot there as it is here

    It was a little odd, but it’s hot as balls here. So I doubt it

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  • Anonymous asked : YOU'RE GOING TO BECOME A DOCTOR? You are literally everything I aspire to be and look like .. BYE.

    You don’t have to leave…. but you do you boo

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  • Anonymous asked : You're frustratingly good-looking and obviously really smart and I'm really mad about that. Haha! What are you majoring in?!

    Well thank you! I’m a Biochem and molecular bio major in pre med

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  • ahs-satanas:

    my only two emotions while watching american horror story:



    (via grantwishes)

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  • Anonymous asked : Has will seen the promise land that is your butt?


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  • Anonymous asked : Can we get access to the likes for an hour?

    I’ve done it before but I don’t really see a point in it… most of it is just blog stuff

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